‘Zimi’ Baby Rhino Print with 50% Donation to Helping Rhinos


This print has been taken from an original painting of a real life baby rhino orphan who was recently taken into care by the Zululand Rhino Orphanage. They named her Zimisele, or Zimi for short, which means ‘determined/determination’ in the Zulu language.

Zimi’s health is currently cause for concern, she has a long battle ahead of her before she can recover. She will be bottle-fed until 18 months and hopefully when she’s big and strong enough she can be released back into the wild (at around 3-5 years old).

50% of the sale of each print (£15) will be donated to the UK based charity ‘Helping Rhinos’ to help them fund anti-poaching programs and support rhino orphanages, helping little rhinos like Zimi have a chance at a future.

Each print measures 9x9inches with the actual images size 6x6inches. Every Zim print will also have a special hand-embellished gold leaf horn.

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