‘Pumpkin’ the Greenfinch Smol Original


Pumpkin the Greenfinch Smol Original

Each painting is an original piece of art created on thick textured watercolour paper that measures 15x15cm. Each Smol is a mixture of watercolour, pastel pencil, ink and gold leaf.

The painting will be signed and will have the bird’s name written on it. The edges of the paper will be torn in a decorative manner.

You can add a mount to your order which will mean your painting will be float-mounted and ready to frame. Float mounting means the beautiful edges of the watercolour paper will be shown off. Scroll down for more info on frames and mounts.



It is important to have a professional mount with original artworks to ensure they don’t get damaged – the problem with shop bought mounts from ready made frames is that the paper can have acids in it which over time can leach into the artwork.

However as I know not everybody has a framer local to them I have sourced a ‘Tori Approved’ ready-made frame that you can purchase online and I have then had professional mounts cut to fit this frame. The frame I have found is very affordable at £12 but it is exceptionally good quality with a glass front and plenty colours to choose from. You can get a further 20% discount off the price with the code TORI20

Link for Frames is below, you will need the 12×12″ with no mount (as you can get your mount through me)


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