Upcoming Shows and Exhibitions 2020


Unfortunately, due to the situation with Covid all my fairs and exhibitions for 2020 have been cancelled. However, I am launching online exhibitions if you follow me on my social media. Just search Tori Ratcliffe Art on either facebook or instagram, or click the corresponding logos at the bottom of this page.

I have a studio in Edinburgh that you can visit by appointment if you’d like to meet me and my dog Spud or come browse my art and prints/products in person.



Edinburgh and London Solo Exhibitions (Oct/Nov 2018)

So back in July 2018 I had the crazy idea of hosting my own solo exhibition, running for two days in Edinburgh at the Dunstane Houses and then for two days down in London at the Cornflake showroom just off Tottenham Court Road. My timing allowed my only 3-4 months to prepare which was a bit intimidating but somehow I managed to pull it off (mostly thanks to my wonderful framer who is willing to work to very tight deadlines and therefor allowing me some extra time to paint!) The aim of both my exhibitions was to meet the people behind the website orders, the pet portrait commissions and the lovely social media comments. I wanted to really get to know my customers and allow them a chance to know me. This was achieved at both events and I was really thrilled that in total I was able to raise £1182.86 for my chosen charity Trees For Life through a raffle and a donation of my profits.

Article Feature in the Edinburgh News (January 2018)

I was very excited to have my face featured in the Edinburgh News in January 2018. The article was promoting my charity raffle that I was holding to raise money for a lady called Naomh Campbell who was planning to do a Tiger Trek through the Himalayas in aid of Cats Protection. She was trying to raise £3995 for them – thats £1 per tiger left in the world! I was thrilled to offer my assistance and the A3 Tiger print I raffled off at £1 per ticket raised £108 towards Naomh’s cause! I wish her all the best with her Tiger Trek through the Himalayas to raise funds for Cats Protection this November.


Solo exhibition at the Tayberry Gallery, Perth (July 2017)

Another exhibition this year! I’ve been so lucky to have had three in the first half of the year, what a great start to 2017. This one was at the Tayberry Gallery, a really really beautifully laid out space run by Sarah and Louise, two very lovely and talented ladies who have done a really great job with the gallery. They put on such a lovely opening and drew quite a crowd (I’m sure the chocolate strawberries had something to do with that!) As always it was a real pleasure to get the opportunity to chat to my customers, and there was a such a large display of my work to browse including originals, prints and products.



Exhibiting at the Dancing Light Gallery in Whitmuir near Edinburgh (March 2017)

I was super excited to be offered the opportunity to display some of my artwork at the Dancing Light Gallery. It was a combined exhibition with several other artists and there was a variety of different animal artworks on display. My favourite piece I painted was one titled ‘Into the Woods’ which was my largest piece of artwork. It had a very abstract background with lots of paint drips to suggest a forest. Although the exhibition has now ended, you can still find my prints on sale in the browser at the gallery (and they have a really fantastic cafe next door!)



Second Solo Exhibition at the Corner Gallery in Carshalton, Greater London (March 2017)

FullSizeRender IMG_3257So thrilled to have been offered the opportunity of a second solo exhibition by Jackie Khan, the owner of the Corner Gallery. A variety of original artworks, prints and products are on display for the rest of this month (March 17). We had a brilliant opening night on Monday, and it was exciting to see so many people turning up to browse the work on show, some of my Facebook followers even made it out which was a lovely opportunity to finally meet some of them in person! Excited to see how the rest of the month pans out… I am already painting more mini original artworks as 5 of the 14 created actually sold before the exhibition was even open! So exciting… my next exhibition is at the Dancing Light Gallery in Whitmuir near Edinburgh, starting on 25th and running for two months so stay tuned for that!


Feature in LandLove Magazine and Outlaw Kritters Article, March/April 2016



I was so exited to be approached by LandLove magazine to have a feature in their magazine. I was able to advertise my pet portrait commissions by running a competition to win a free A3 pet portrait.

In other news, I’ve also been asked to do an interview for the website Outlaw Kritters. They asked me lots of unique questions and were thrilled to allow me to list all the chairites that I’ve worked with and display some of my fundraising prints. Great to speak with like minded people who want to help save our planet’s species! You can read the article here:


Edinburgh Arts, Fine Art Publishers and Picture Framers, January 2016

12662576_1052067518165832_3336594752269971264_n12662010_1049464981759419_1275847326363994226_nThrilled to have been taken on by an art agency within weeks of moving to Edinburgh. Edinburgh Arts are a brilliant down to earth family run publishing company who are including 8 of my paintings in an artist catalogue which will be sent out to over 100 galleries across the country. I had to tailor my art towards scottish wildlife and agricultural animals- stags, puffins, highland cows etc. This is great as I have booked in quite a few agricultural fairs this year in order to sell my artwork, including the Royal Highland Show in Scotland so hopefully my new paintings will go down a treat there!



‘The Art of Helping Rhinos’ exhibition, London, Oct 2015



My year long project with Helping Rhinos culminated in October 2015 with a one night private view exhibition in Cornflake’s award winning showroom in the West End of London. The event, entitled ‘The Art of Helping Rhinos’, was hosted by wildlife TV presenter Nigel Marvin, who gave a fantastic presentation about his own personal experiences with rhinos. The founder and chairman of the charity, Simon Jones , also gave a presentation about the charity’s work, explaining where the money raised would be going, and bringing a real sense of hope and optimism to the future of these animals. The collaboration so far has raised £4471, of which £2,271 was from sales of my artwork and prints created for the Helping Rhinos collection. Nigel Marvin actually ended up purchasing one of my paintings he’d seen on the night – the blue rhino which you can see behind him in one of the photos.

David Shepherd ‘Wildlife Artist of the Year’ Competition, 2015

IMG_7454 (1)


I was thrilled when I received a letter informing me that my turtle painting had been selected to hang at the prestigious Mall Galleries in Pall Mall, London, for the David Shepherd ‘Wildlife Artist of the Year’ competition last June. It is an international competition, and from over 1,000 entries  only 150 are selected to hang. So you can imagine how excited I was! The piece, entitled ‘Respect Your Elders’ was intended to draw attention to our endangered turtles who are so ignored by many when in fact they have been around for over 200 million years which is a lot longer than we human’s have been here!

The painting sold on the night and I was lucky enough to be introduced to the buyers in person which was a great experience. I even ended up selling a print of the piece to another couple who missed out on purchasing the original. All artwork in the exhibition sells with a 50% donation to David Shepherd’s various conservation charities. Since it began in 2007, Wildlife artist of the Year has raised over £150,000 for conservation.

Solo Exhibition at the Corner Gallery in Carshalton, Greater London, 2015




As a result of becoming one of the Talent House competition winners, I was approached by the Corner Gallery to have a solo exhibition. What a thrilling but equally terrifying experience! I created about 12 original pieces and then framed a large selection of prints. It was an exciting career landmark and a very big learning experience.




St Mungos Broadway – Help For Homeless ‘Blind Auction’ fundraiser.


5845693_origI was asked to donate a painting for a charity art auction which was raising money for St Mungos in London to fund the wonderful work they do helping the homeless with shelter and education. The theme was “putting down the roots” so my interpretation of the word “roots” was in relation to families. As a result, I did a painting of a Scottish Wildcat with her kitten. The idea was that the auction was anonymous, there was a mix of artists (some super big names in there as well as regular artists like myself), famous names like the head of google, and also some art from homeless people who the charity worked with thrown into the mix. The fun was that you didn’t know how much the artwork was actually worth! After a feature in some London magazines I’ve a feeling word snuck out about the big names as the bidding on a few suddenly shot up… I was thrilled mine went for nearly £300!! I never found out who took the painting sadly!


Talenthouse Competition

I was thrilled to discover that I was one of the winners selected by model Cara Delevigne to have one of my paintings turned into prints to raise money for charity.