My toxic trait is pretending I’m going to make bread.

The boys are back in town and I’m finally back in my studio

A few years ago I hatched the idea of baking fresh bread, did a day course and brought home a sourdough starter which I somehow managed to keep alive in my fridge through prayers and good will alone. The long-suffering starter eventually expired, but my optimism did not. I’m going to start, I would tell people, while slicing up a Sainsbury’s ready-made focaccia.

Man does it feel good telling people. It’s almost like half the work. Swanning around like I’m one of those people who have their lives together without so much as making eye contact with a bread tin.

Writing very nearly became the new baking. I was hearing myself telling lots of people about my plans for starting a newsletter (one of the early warning signs). However, on this occasion, it appears I have indeed managed to follow through. And due to the shortage of local shops selling ready-made newsletters, I have actually been forced to write it myself. Home-made, from scratch. Enjoy!

After two months away in Spain we are finally home in Edinburgh! It’s great to be back. While we miss our friends (and the avocados) I’m glad to finally be able to scrape off two months worth of suncream.

The Spud reunion was amazing, I forgot how soft his fur is. Dad put up quite a good fight over him (see pic below) there was talk of a custody battle and the first night was tense while we waited to see who’s room he was going to sleep in but after two nights stay I managed to lure my dad away with a couple of bottles of Spanish red while we made our escape back to Edinburgh with both dogs successfully in tow (and the trailer cover secured this time).

The coming months are going to be busy. I have Scone Game Fair in Perth coming up on 1-3rd July and then Turiff Show in Aberdeen 31st July & 1st August *everyone scribbles dates in their diaries* so I will be preparing for those. I do have to say it is unlikely the dogs will accompany me to either of those shows as the stand spaces are quite small *everyone crosses out dates from diaries*

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I don’t know what it is about Spud that sets Ollie’s inner troll alight with a passion for anarchy. If Ollie was a person he’d probably have an ASBO for property damage and noise complaints by now. He was so well behaved in Spain and on the ferry home, we thought he’d turned a corner. But it’s back to training again, working on his impulse control since it seems to have gone out the window upon his reunion with Spud!

Ollie eating an al fresco dinner while we queued for the ferry. Then onboard, being a good boi in the kennel where he stayed for the 27 hour journey (we came and let him out on deck every couple of hours)

Like a lot of dogs Spud has a penchant for chasing deer. Two of his worst occasions where he chased deer happened down in Hampshire at my parents (the fact he stores them up for specifically when we are at my parents makes me feel targeted)

So one time I lost him after a stag he ended up tangled up with it in a fence and I had to scale the 6ft fence and get the stag in a headlock to release both him and Spud (much to the surprise of the two middle aged men that were watching this unfold) And on another occasion, upon losing Spud in the woods, I was informed by another dog walker that they’d seen him SWIMMING ACROSS THE CANAL after a deer. A couple of hours later I got a call from a local bee farm telling me a ‘lovely little dog’ had just rocked up covered in brambles and would I like to come and collect him.

Nothing is ever what it seems behind the veil of instagram, so let me tell you NO dog is perfect. Dogs are dogs and we love them for all.

King of the castle

Look at Spud. Butter wouldn’t melt! This was taken at Arthurs Seat and I love it because the boulder kind of looks like a huge potato…. anyway, on that carbohydrate, we end this months newsletter. Thanks again for reading and looking forward to sharing more with you next time.

See you guys next month!

Tori xxx