Since 2015, over £28,000 has been raised for various wildlife and conservation charities…
Trees for Life

Through the sale of prints and donations made from exhibitions, £4022 has been raised so far for Trees For Life. This money has helped Trees For Life in their mission to restore the Calendonian Forest across the Scottish Highlands.

Helping Rhinos

I have worked with Helping Rhinos on several occasions, attending events and exhibitions and selling prints with a donation of sale, all in all raising £4025 to help them tackle rhino poaching.

Trees For Cities

With a love of tree planting myself, I was thrilled to create a print to raise money for Trees For Cities who bring nature into urban areas. So far £405 has been raised to help them with their work.

Fetcher Dog

Before I got my second dog, Ollie, I used to foster for a charity called Fetcher Dog. During this time I also fundraised for them, raising a total of £2776 from raffling off artwork and donating from sales of prints.

Wild Survivors

A wonderful charity working primarily in Tanzania and Kenya to help farmers co-exist with elephants using beehives as a natural deterrent to protect crops. £300 was raised through a collection of artworks.

Scottish Seabird Centre

Due to the impacts of climate change, puffin numbers are declining. Through the sale of a puffin print I created, £1125 was raised for the Scottish Seabird Centre to help them protect their local puffin populations.

Pygmy Hippo Foundation

I was asked to create a couple of paintings for a raffle to raise money for the endangered Pygmy Hippo. £1450 was raised for the Pygmy Hippo Foundation.

Cool Earth Action

An incredible charity working with indigenous communities to help save threatened rainforest. I was thrilled to raise £1800 through the sale of two prints.

Bumblebee Conservation Trust

Through the sale of bee prints and artworks, a total of £1832 has been raised for Bumblebee Conservation Trust to help them preserve and protect our favourite pollinators.

Sumatran Orangutan Society

£2917 has been raised so far for SOS to help them protect endangered orangutans. This has been through the sale of prints and tote bags.

World Land Trust

Over the years I have done several fundraisers for WLT, mostly with the sale of prints and original artworks but also with raffles. £1603.81 has been raised in total to help them protect threatened rainforest.

Turtle Island Restoration Network

Through my Turtle print sales, £332 has been raised to help protect real turtles in the wild.

OuTrop (Orangutan Tropical Peatland Project)

Through a special sale where I donated 100% of profits of a tiger print over a short period of time, £250 was raised to help save rainforest threatened by forest fires in Indonesia.

Arts Emergency

Through a raffle and a donation of sales from a launch of artwork, £1100 was raised for Arts Emergency to help get young people access to jobs in the creative industry.


I was thrilled to raise £800 through a raffle I ran for a local charity, Edinburgh & Lothians Greenspace trust. The money went towards planting community orchards.

In addition £2185 raised in addition through various donation of artwork to various charity raffles.