About Me

Well hello there! My name is Tori Ratcliffe and I'm an Edinburgh-based wildlife and pet portrait artist, originally born and bred in Hampshire. I was first introduced to watercolours at the age of 21 after asking my aunt for a lesson, but I found I was too impatient to grasp the traditional methods and instead developed my own unique style; applying the paint first in loose expressive strokes and then drawing the details afterwards in ink.

My work is frequently inspired by the colours I experience in nature as I explore the Scottish countryside with my dogs, Spud and Ollie (they are head of PR and social media).

I love meeting my customers and pride myself on having great relationships with them. If you ever want to come say hi you can visit me in my studio, attend a workshop or come to an exhibition. The best way to stay up to date with all of these is to sign up to my fortnightly newsletter... it's not a regular boring newsletter, it's a blog-style update of what mayhem myself and the dogs have been up to - trust me, it's a hoot. You can find out more and get signed up by clicking here.


Since 2015, over £28,000 has been raised for various wildlife and conservation charities… click here to find out more